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Corporate Mission
V1 Aviation Inc, (V1) was founded in June 2000 by Jose Perez and Darryl Hanamura. V1 is headquartered in San Jose, California at the San Jose Airport's Jet Center. V1's mission is to provide the highest quality sales, management, and pilot services to general aviation customers.

V1 is comprised of three key operating units. These include: fractional aircraft sales, aircraft management services, and pilot services. To all three operations, V1 brings significant experience in the management and sales of different classes of aircraft, only the best of pilots and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. V1 is committed to building strong, long-term relationships with our clients.

The V1 Executive Team
The co-founders of V1, Jose Perez and Darryl Hanamura bring a wealth of experience in aviation and business operations. They have been instrumental in developing a fractional sales program with Beechcraft Aviation. Both executives are also responsible for the pilot and client safety programs integrated into V1 Aviation's everyday practices and procedures.

Jose Perez: CEO, Founder and Pilot
As sales manager for Lafferty Aircraft Sales, Jose was responsible for all aspects of piston and jet sales. In addition, Perez managed Lafferty Aircraft Sales maintenance department, served as a Citation Captain, and second in command for Hawker jets. Perez received his BA from San Jose State's Department of Aviation.
Daryll Hanamura: CFO, Founder and Pilot
Darryl brought 15 years of sales, marketing, and management experience to the aviation industry before joining American Flyers flight training academy as the Western Regional Director. Darryl served in this capacity for four years, directing a $8 million operation with 80 employees and 20 aircraft. Darryl opened offices in two additional locations for American Flyers and started their international program in South America and Asia. Darryl has also served as a corporate pilot for Lafferty Aircraft Sales for 2 years. His role as corporate pilot flight  with Lafferty includes experience as a Citation captain and Hawker co-pilot.
Jim Lafferty: Consultant and Board Member
Jim is one of the most respected names in Aviation today. For over 30 years Jim continues his leadership by managing Lafferty Aircraft Sales. At Lafferty, Jim acquires new and used aircraft for resale to an impressive customer base. He continues to grow a successful business and career on his love for aviation alone.  Jim is a graduate of Department of Aviation at San Jose State University and is a past member of the American Precision Flying Team. 
The Board of Directors: The V1 Aviation Board Members
The board of directors at V1 Aviation  is comprised of the most respected leaders in the aviation and high technology industries. 


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