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V1 Aviation is dedicated to providing the highest level of security and safety to its clients. Using only highly trained, professional pilots.

V1 Aviation's security measures are strict and uncompromising. For example, no V1 flight leaves the jet pad without our pilots following a strict V1 security policy. Without exception, each of our employees undergo a complete security check.

From day one, V1 maintains an excellent safety record. To ensure crew and passenger safety, each pilot is always safety conscious in making only the right decisions regarding what conditions to fly under. Be it weather, aircraft, airport, or other conditions, safety comes first.

V1 Aviations co-founders boast a over 5,000 hours of flight accident-free experience in aircraft from piston planes to Citations, Hawker and Falcon Jets. 

V1 Aviation, Inc. | San Jose Jet Center, 1250 Aviation Ave. Suite 183 San Jose, CA | (408) 278-7091